Dirty 30!!!!

The thing about writing is that you have take time to stop and digest all you have experienced, put into a form that is readable and relatable to your audience, and make sure all your bases are covered. That’s why blogs are so hard to write for me on a consistent basis, I really enjoy life, and taking time to stop and actually write is HARD!!!

Thank God for down days, and wine… oh wine… how do I love thee!

I did accomplish a lot on this list, I mean No hot air balloon rides, but did go to a self pottery place which was pretty rad and great way to spend an afternoon… Highly recommend doing that again!

Also did float a river… not the Washougal, but the Clackamas… and by the way that was super fun and way more exciting than an ought to be.

But my favorite was writing a letter to my 35 year-old self. There’s something about talking to your future self in a present tense that is very awkward and eye-opening. There are some stuff I would like to accomplish before I am 35, and I know I ll get it done… just takes a wee bit of luck and timing… Just like everything in life.

Well No pictures today, just thoughts….


1. Run Across Glenn Jackson Bridge and Back… (I-205)


Yep, Did it… Some quick facts about the Bridge (Ala Wikipedia… That means I do not claim that any of the facts that will be following this sentence are true… a lil’ FYI)

The bridge was built-in Dec of 1982! That’s neat… It’s going to be thirty this year too!

It’s 3.2 K one way… so that means its 6.4 K roundtrip… which equals to roughly 4 miles…

Over 150 thousand cars travel the bridge each day!

You will be ran over by bicyclists, if you are not careful…

The run itself was pretty uneventful… Fun as it sounds… sucking exhaust is never fun… but running faster than the cars because they are stuck in traffic because some one lost their Seattle Seahawks Blanket and didn’t want to pick it up causing multiple cars to swerve in the fast lane was a thrill… Honestly, the trail is dangerous… way more so than Beacon Rock… I felt like at any moment some tire was going to be whizzing pass my head or some one would throw a beer bottle at me for laughing at them being douches in their Priuses… yeah that’s a plural form a Prius…

2. Climb Beacon Rock (Rock 1 Me 0)


Come to find out it actually was a core of an ancient volcano… I had no idea… and on this day it would claim one more sacrificial victim!

I woke up and was going to see Sigur Ros over at Edgefield and have an amazing time… but the ROCK had something different planned for me! A friend of mine called me up and wanted to go hiking for a bit… I thought it would be a good idea, run out to Beacon Rock, come back, play some golf, drink scotch, and watch a concert!

We got up there, and hiked the shit out of the Rock…. I mean I thought it was going to be harder and longer than it was (That’s what she said :P). Last time I was up there was just after high school with Justin. So it had been a bit… We literally hiked it in 20 mins… Yeah… Lame…

The view was amazing… you could totally see where Twilight was filmed at… I know! AWESOME!!! Poor R-PATZ! That TRAMPIRE!!!

I thought it would be fun to run down the ROCK… well the ROCK did not appreciate that… got about 3/4 way down… and lost my shit… I started stumbling and took a few over-size steps to correct myself and WHAM!!! Fucking hit my toe on the ROCK!!! and went ass over tea kettle… Yeah it was awesome… Instant pain…  Hobbled my broken body back to the car… and took off my shoe… Yep instant swelling… ARRRGGGHHH!!!

Got home… sold my Sigur Ros tickets, Iced my toes, took some vicoden, and watched terrible television… It was a sad day…. Fun Afternoon… Sad NIGHT!!! Oh well!!! Broken toes are always a good time!

35. Read Jack Kerouac

Satori in Paris is what I decided on….  I know you are thinking why didn’t I pick up On the Road… I was just not feeling it, and well I am missing France… After dropping a friend off at her place I run to Powell’s in search of a book to cross off another thing off the list… the thing about Powell’s it is literally a city block of books… Yes, A CITY BLOCK OF BOOKS… I was quite surprised that I found the Literature section so quickly… I wasn’t even looking, just happen to stumble upon it…

Grabbed my book, and ran out the door… There were so many people for a Monday… but oh well… Enough about the hot check-stand girl… (yeah, didn’t mention that… absolutely gorgeous… but didn’t validate my parking!) Let’s talk about the book…

Satori – “An sudden Enlightenment and state of consciousness obtained from the intuitive illumination representing the spiritual goal of Zen Buddhism”

Basically, it’s that “Oh shit” moment, what the fuck have I been doing with my life moment, that you realize that everything prior has been not necessarily a waste of time, but you should be doing something else… usually it’s a simpler way of thinking…

So Mr. Kerouac is going to France, to find out about his ancestors. He runs to different libraries, people know who he is in some places… But, really, all he does is bed women and drink cognac and lose his suitcase, wonder the streets of France looking for a place to stay and take cabs and trains everywhere…  I know that is probably not the best description of the book… but that is what he does… the book is not about the words, it is about what’s between those words… His interactions with people sounded hilarious and strangely familiar… Sleeping with receptionists, arguing about beers, politics, and religion, and just cruising around enjoying the day-to-day conversations and finding the true beauty in that…

The best part is when he thinks he has found his Satori… He believes it has come from a Cab Driver… I know for a fact, the conversations I have had with Cab Drivers have been inspiring…  Every time I have been in one, well I shouldn’t be driving, so it’s pretty amazing!!!

25. Leave My Number for a Waitress


After a long day of work, and well shit, a long, hot, week of work… I decided it would be time for me to go and have a drink at the restaurant across the parking lot from the bar I work at…  After having two… Yes TWO BEERS… I felt pretty buzzed… It might the heat, or the lack of food, hydration, or sleep, but I was feeling pretty bold… The bartender is cute and thought “why not”. Grabbed a pen out of my apron and realized I had nothing to write on… UGGHH… but wait! I have monies!!! YES!!! Wrote some cute note about how we could do all these wonderful things, while defacing government property!!! Double YES!!!

Come to find out she has a boyfriend and was very flattered since, I am her “McCrush”. It’s all good… Lesson learned; money is way better than a coaster to write your number on!


24. Sell/Donate 75% of My Clothes

Yep… that’s a Jetta trunk full of clothing!

I did it!!!

It wasn’t that hard to be honest… I wanted to get rid of some clothes for a while, and going to Europe made me realize I had way too much shit anyways… I was told to sell some of the clothing because it was so nice, but really when I am going to wear True Religion jeans… they were HIDEOUS!!!! I wish I had a picture of them… but think Skinny Jeans that a Eleventeen Year-Old would wear… Yeah… that sweet!!!

The Crazy thing is that my dresser drawers are still full… I have no idea where I put all these clothes in the first place… Bedroom Floor? Garage? in other plastic bags? That has to be it!!!

The room does feel a wee bit better, with no clothes in the closet that I never wear and random T-Shirts from 1992 gone… Time for a new wardrobe!


4. Buy Coffee for someone behind me at Starbucks



After working out I decided that I would get coffees for Racheal and I… we deserved it… lol… At least I deserved it… Okay she did too…

As I was paying for the coffees, a girl walks in… I ask her what she wants, “A Fork”. I told her to order something, it’s on me today. She did seem a little taken back by it and I am pretty sure she ordered something crazy… When you have to use five or six adjectives to order your beverage, you know what you want…

She did thank me, as a kind samaritan, hopefully it made her day better… Getting coffee from a Sweaty Kid while being cock blocked by his Roommate…